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Take a look at these testimonials from Cut The Crap Clients…

  • Todd E., Scottsdale AZ- “I used their pet sitting services and couldn’t have been happier.  It allowed me to travel all week knowing that my Bengal kitten would be fed and played with twice a day so I could focus on work.  I came back to see that he had eaten well and was just as happy & well adjusted as when I left.  What a relief!  The Bengal cat is a highly active breed that could easily turn their attention to destroying household items if they felt ignored.  The kitten acted like I never left, the service allowed me to focus on work, and all for a nominal fee!  Highly recommend!”
  • Linda L., Chandler AZ- “I quickly discovered my 2 Norwegian Forest long haired cats could not handle the AZ heat, after moving cross-country from a cooler climate.  I needed a skilled cat groomer who could execute lion cuts with precision & approachability. I am excited to report Melanie is the very best pet groomer I have ever met. She confidently took control of both cats and transformed their appearance from 9 inches of hair to a buzz lion cut. They look so adorable and comfortable. Melanie is now a regular at our house and comes every 6 months. I genuinely trust Melanie with my 2 beautiful cats, and I highly recommend their cat grooming services to anyone who wants to make their cats more comfortable year-round!”
  • Lenore S., Surprise AZ- “Melanie took great care of my Russian blue cat Valentino while we were out of town. He’s not very sociable with strangers but even he gave her a thumbs up upon our return. We will absolutely use her again!”

Call today to see for yourself.  We always have a free meet and greet session to make sure everything is as it should be, and that you feel comfortable trusting your pets to us.  We are Rover verified, which includes an extensive background check for all members of the company.