Yard Waste Clean Up

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Got Pet Poop?
We Clean Up!

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The yards in our homes are not only for our pet to use as a toilet. But also, a sanctuary for us humans to relax.  Relax in peace and use us to eliminate the pet waste from your yard.   Cut the Crap will literally cut your dog’s crap out of your life.  We will clean and deodorize your yard for you, without breaking the bank.  Our services have all-inclusive pricing.  We never up-charge for anything…you get the full suite of services for one low cost!  What does all inclusive mean?

  • All Pet waste cleaned and removed from your yard
  • All waste taken from your property, leaving no stinky garbage cans behind
  • All yards are sprayed with our environmentally friendly deodorizer, leaving a fresh scent in your yard for you and your pets to enjoy
  • Free filling of water bowls, water a plant or 2, just ask, and we will happily do it!

Here is how our price is structured…

 Frequency                                                        1st 2 Dogs                 Each Additional 2 Dogs

2-3 x Weekly Service                                           $10.99/visit                                           $3.99

Weekly Service                                                    $15.99/visit                                           $5.99

Every Other Week                                              $22.99/visit                                            $5.99

Monthly                                                               $28.99/visit                                            $6.99

Call us today to Cut the Crap out of your yard.